This Page Under Construction* Until After Final Exams!

Hi! My name is Andrea, and I'm a programmer in Columbus, Ohio. I use this site to test out things I'm working on, or want to learn (or both!), so it may look a bit strange most of the time. If you want to know more, I guess you can find me on Twitter, @andreajessup .
In case you're just fascinated by someone messing around with code, here's the setup I'm using:
  • Machine: MacBook Pro
  • Text Editor: Komodo Edit
  • iOS Development: XCode
  • Android Development: Eclipse
  • Browser (Development): Firefox
  • Browsers (Testing): Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera (yes, really)
Playing with Sass!
I've never gotten to use Sass before. I might get to use it on a future project, so I wanted to try it out before I have to Sass in front of an audience. To start out, I did some internet research - wikipedia was an easy starting point (I was already there researching something else). Then on to . That's what led to the pink site you'll find if you follow the link from the header. To actually use Sass on a site, you have to have Ruby and the Sass gem installed on your machine (if you're on a Mac, Ruby is already taken care of.) To install Sass: $ gem install sass Your stylesheets will be in .scss files. These have to be converted to .css files before you can run your site in a browser. Sass takes care of that: $ sass --watch stylesheet.scss:newstylesheet.css Sass keeps an eye on your .scss file. Every time you save a change, it updates the .css file. Neat!